Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TDD Tidbits

I've been practicing TDD for two years and when I take a step back and look at what it's done for me I see I've learned a lot. I'm a far better coder because of it. Had I not picked it up, I doubt I'd be as well off. I began writing a post about it but it became monolothic. There's too much to be said. I decided to break it down into individual posts to make them easier to digest.

Just doing superficial searches on TDD in google, I don't see much in the way of individual experiences on TDD practices. I'm sure it's sprinkled about in blogs but most of what I find are the howto's, tutorials and videos surrounding it. I think what I plan to write is a mixture of tips, insight and experiences in TDD. I'm hoping it has value for the novice, the intermediate and the seasoned veteran. It's probably going to be in C# but I'll see if I can't do examples in other languages (feel free to comment/request one for all 3-4 of my possible readers).

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