Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ruby is cool, Time for Rails

I've spent the last couple weeks reading about the fine details of Ruby. My first impressions are good. I dig the language. I haven't put it to good use yet though. Mostly just dicking around in IRB and putting some small classes and modules together. I've been using RubyMine and NetBeans but I haven't had any clear winner on a Ruby IDE. Again, I think once I get into actually writing an application I'll have something more to substantial to share in that regard. Or maybe I'll shed my dependencies to a GUI and go all command line...well, let's not go overboard here. One thing at a time.

Now the next thing to check out is Rails. On first blush, I can see where ASP.NET MVC gets its influence. They share a similar DSL and even class/method names are echoed between the two. But, once again, I'm starved for details. I don't have any books on Rails so I may have to shop for one. I'm mostly just putzing around with what I know from ASP.NET MVC. Did I mention that they're close relatives?

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