Thursday, June 24, 2010

wtf, with a side order of bbq

Just a blurb; been trying out new technologies and shiny toys. Here's my naive/ignorant take on things:

Been years since Linq hit .NET. Why is the NHibernate criteria API so incredibly non-intuitive and not making a huge move to linq? It's still clinging to the uber-verbose criteria API that, even fluently, makes hardly any sense. Yeah, I tried using Linq2NHibernate too but it was buggy for anything outside of simple selects and joins. I had an inner join that would magically make itself an outer join when I added an orderby clause. Hot tip for NHibernate; ditch the criteria API and just use Linq like all the other cool kids. It's ok to abandon the bizarre RDBMS abstraction that's been created.

I've been spoiled by Ruby. I can't tell you how many times in my day I think, "goddam, why can't I have mixins!?" It would make a lot of things a lot easier/sexier.

Finally, how can there not be a fully automated solution for deploying .NET web apps? I want something that builds the DB, deploys an MVC app and creates one in IIS if it doesn't exist yet. I haven't found anything like that. Granted I haven't looked too much but I didn't find anything with a handful of google searches. This is another area where the other open source community blows .NET out of the water. If I cared, I'd try to make something like this but I don't have the friggin' time.

Finally, finally I am again reminded of how small the open source community is in .NET. Still can't figure out why.

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